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Gym & Classes

Your fitness facilities include:

  • 55-station gym with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • A wide range of fitness classes available. Our classes include strength, cardio, mind & body group exercises
  • Freeview TV & full connectivity equipment features.
  • Virtual trainer technology.
  • On-site sports bar and complimentary parking.
  • Regular workout plan reviews and goal setting.
  • Personalised induction plan with our friendly staff.
  • Cardio, strength machines & free weights are all included in our fantastic gym.
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Our Group Classes

  • Our air conditioned dance studio features the latest audio and visual technology to ensure you have a great & fulfilling workout every time. Out Fully qualified instructors help you to get the very best from our classes, keeping you motivated and coming back for more!
  • We have over 15 group classes weekly ranging all the way from Pilates to Kombat & Boxercise. Our carefully selected classes are suitable for all fitness goals such as strength, cardio & mind & body exercise
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Track your fitness regime wherever you go with PulseMove, your personal digital fitness tracker, consisting of an in-gym kiosk, mobile app and website.

With PulseMove, you can track workouts and be motivated to achieve fitness goals. The in-gym kiosk allows you to access a virtual personal trainer who plans your workout and automatically sets up each machine upon insertion of the membership card The kiosk provides detailed activity reports which can be emailed to you on request, automated for regular progress updates, or sent by the fitness team.

The mobile app is available on Android and IOS and provides you with a quick, hassle-free way of recording activity anytime, anywhere. The app includes real-time GPS tracking and mapping and allows you to monitor data such as calories burned, distance and speed and to set goals.

The PulseMove website can be accessed via any web browser and offers additional means of activity tracking and detailed reports. With all activity updated and synced in real-time, it’s really easy for you to get a holistic view of your total activity with quantifiable results.